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We follow Cherokee Christian School Calendar for Holidays and Inclement weather closings.


1.  The dance class commitment is for the entire school year and ends after the Recital at FBCW Chapel in May. Written notice is required to withdraw from class.

First semester focus- technique and choreography

Second semester focus- mainly choreography

Students are picked up from their classroom by the Dance Instructor at 3:15.  Dancers will dress in Dance wear, have snack time, and dance class begins at 3:45.  Dance class ends at 4:45.

2.  The tuition for the year is split into two semester payments.  

First semester $275 - due at registration prior to first class. 

Second semester payment $275 - due by the first class in January.  

3.  Submit your GOOGLE Registration Interest Form. You will be notified with Online Registration Instructions August 2.  (There must be a minimum of 8 students in order for class to make)     Click the "CCSDance Family Portal" button above, and click "reset password" to enter portal, and pay $25 Registration Fee and the $275 semester tuition payments. You will be cued to enter your credit card info.  Change/personalize your Portal password, prior to logging out for ease in paying your $275 semester tuition payment in January.  

4.  Dance class ends at 4:45. Dancers are to be picked up from Dance Carpool, no later than 10 minutes after release from  dance.  If the dancer is not picked up by 4:55, she will be checked-in to Growth Care and Growth Care fees will be charged.
            Text 770-324-1118, with emergency, or last minute pick up instructions.

5.  Dancers will wear required dance clothes and shoes with hair in a ponytail each week for class! Please make sure that all shoes and dance wear are clearly marked with your dancers name. 

If a dancer is not dressed for class two weeks in a row, she will be asked to sit out of class and the parent will be notified.  The Required Dance wear must be worn each week with hair in a ponytail. ​                 Discounted Curtain Call Capezio/ Ovation dance wear and shoes may be purchased on the DRESS CODE tab.

6.  We do have a short snack time before class. Due to food sensitivities/allergies, please send your dancer with their own small snack. NO SNACK WILL BE PROVIDED.


7.  Please know that photographs and/or video of students taken in class, on picture day and/or at performances may be used in promotional advertising for Dance for His Glory.  All photographs, videos, or depicted likenesses are the sole property of Dance for His Glory. To opt out, please check the appropriate box on the Agreement/Waiver section of your GOOGLE Registration Interest  Form. 

Thank you for entrusting your dancer to us! It is our desire to instill a love of dance in each of our students!  


You can contact the D4HG Owner, anytime via text at 770-324-1118, or email at with any questions, comments or concerns!

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Mrs. Elaine


Mrs. Susannah Garrett -  "Mrs. G"

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